The tail between the legs


iPad drawing | LON 2013

Con el rabo entre las piernas (texto en español en Etsy)

Drawn in a crowded carriage in the London tube, on my daily commute to work, and was finished when I reached my final stop, Aldgate East. The scene happens in a western saloon. To the left the sheriff and a cowboy share a table full of drinks, and the barman shows only his head above the bar. At the other end a dog, with the tail between its legs, stares back and smells the electricity that floats in the air.


The drawing is available as a giclee print in 3 sizes:


40x50cm (15.7x19.7'').....Limited edition of 40...................85€

30x40cm (11.8x15.7’’).....Limited edition of 40...................65€

16x22cm (6.3x8.7'').......Open edition (iPad screen size).........25€


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All prints are made on acid free Hahnemühle paper using archival inks.
The limited edition is signed and numbered by the artist, and includes a certificate of authenticity.

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