I hope you are enjoying the visit to my website. Please feel free to drop me some words of encouragement, advice or criticism (of the good kind). They will be welcomed and you will probably get some words back, different ones.

The only field I really need to contact you back is your e-mail address, although you can leave an anonymous comment if you like. I like names in general, so that would be a plus. As for the telephone number...I would leave it blank on my first visit.

The information you provide is for my records only and I won't pass it to third parties without your permission.

I would like to have at least one...If you have come across a painting you would like to buy please let me know using the form below. I will come back to you and answer any questions you may have. If the painting is tagged as 'private collection' it might still be available. 

My work can be seen in Enmala Art Gallery in Lanzarote (Canary Islands). If you prefer you could also come and meet me at my studio and I will be pleased to have a chat and show you around.

As we move along I will be adding new material, and pieces of work that have been with for some time and are now ready to depart. If you would like me to keep you posted on updates and upcoming exhibitions you can also add your e-mail address to the newsletter form at the bottom of every page.



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