txurun is a Spanish artist with a raw and spontaneous approach to painting. There is a sense of urgency in his work that relates to artists he always keeps in the back of his mind: Asger Jorn, Dubuffet, Basquiat, Twombly, Jack Babiloni or Constant to cite a few.

He was born Daniel Fernandez Celemin, in the 'White Sanatorium' in Oviedo in 1971. At the age of 8 he painted his first oil painting ‘Mickey Mouse' of which he said: 'To my surprise it is still hanging on a wall at my parents' place, showing no signs of deterioration'. In 1989 he moved to Madrid where he graduated as an architect. There he learnt an academic approach to drawing and painting which he mixed up with the particular use of line and vibrant colours he found in the comics. He drew and painted relentlessly, especially in the long nights that preceded the exams. Over the following years, txurun got increasingly interested in the spontaneity and energy of children's drawings, the work of the mentally ill, and other self-taught individuals and visionaries. He felt home among this incongruent and varied body of work, generally referred to as ‘Outsider Art’ or ‘Art Brut’, and put these new influences at the heart of his creative process. In 2007 he moved to London and worked as an architect designing, among other buildings, several mental health institutions. In 2012 he went part-time as an architect to seek his path as a painter. In 2013 he successfully prepared ‘Bienvenido’, his first solo exhibition in London. In September 2013 he moved to Lanzarote to follow the winds and paint the strong lights of that part of the Atlantic.

Over the London years, the daily journey to the office, the lunch-time walks up and down the high-street, the busy life of the city, the ‘white noise’ coming from the countryside, and the Diamond Jubilee, provided him with plenty of things to reflect upon. This is now changing, gradually, into reflections on a different culture and a much smaller society. Today, it is the point where both worlds meet and the places they have in common that he finds inspiring. His work shows how these thoughts get entangled with his emotions and imagination.

txurun likes to paint on any available surface from paper to cardboard, canvas or a passing-by car, and uses any tools and materials at hand capable of leaving a mark: paint, ink, graphite, stamps, markers,Tipp-Ex... He generally works on several pieces at a time and starts painting with no preconceived schemes. He moves through the canvas with a sense of immediacy, as if to keep the delicate force that drives him going. On cloudy days, that goes until the work is finished. Otherwise, when he stops a different process starts. He can look at the unfinished painting for hours, days, months or years, upside up and upside down and let his thoughts flow, exploring possibilities that might never happen, until he chooses where to go next. Another frantic stage follows and the painting is often finished that way. At other times all that is needed is to rotate the canvas or add the title. Words are used as another mark and are often invites to explore further and enjoy deeper layers of the painting.

He sees consistency as a shortcut only to be taken when he is tired and aims to keep chasing a freer and experimental approach to his future works. His dream is to be almost impossible to catalogue and to move his arm in a different way each and every time.

txurun lives and works in Lanzarote, the easternmost of the Canary Islands.

 His work is permanently displayed in Enmala Art Gallery in Lanzarote. 


Recent exhibitions:

 'Bienvenido' (Solo exhibition) | August 2013. London

'U' (Colective exhibition) | June 2014 in Los Aljibes de Tahiche. Lanzarote

'Sounds like music to my ears' (Videoart) | July 2014. Timple Museum. Lanzarote

'Des-cierto' (Colective exhibition) 1 of August to 30 of September 2014 .Enmala Art Gallery. Lanzarote