Birth of July 19 2013

Welcome everybody. After a few months in the making, sees the public light!


Firstly, my name is Daniel Fernandez Celemin, txurun, and I am a Spanish artist on a constant quest for a raw and spontaneous approach to drawing and painting. I earn a living as a part-time architect and spend the rest of the week scratching, marking and painting on any available surface.

In you can see some of the work I have been doing over the last few years, mainly from 2007 to 2013. The paintings are organised in a series of themes or galleries:

  • wet paint contains recent works and works in progress
  • mindscapes are imaginary places not that far away from the real ones
  • e-friends is home to the characters, virtual and imaginary, that populated my mind over these years
  • d-raw-ings contains mainly line work on paper, separated from paintings by a blurry thin line
  • fingerprints are a series of drawings made with the tip of my fingers and an iPad application


As we move along, I will be adding new material and pieces of work that have been with me for some time and are now ready to depart. 

I hope to have put in my work something that you will enjoy.